Supernatural Brotherhood: Myths of the Mont Order

The Mont Order is an allegedly ancient and global religious order dedicated to controlling history. In myths about the Order, it is strangely shown as the world’s oldest group, even created by a deity or by proto-human creatures before humans existed. Myths Deciphered An Order to our Days Seemingly devoted to unknown, higher and divine […]

Supernatural Brotherhood: Myths of the Mont Order

The Mont Order is an allegedly ancient and global religious order dedicated to controlling history. In myths about the Order, it is strangely shown as the world’s oldest group, even created by a deity or by proto-human creatures before humans existed.

Myths Deciphered

An Order to our Days

Seemingly devoted to unknown, higher and divine goals, the Order supposedly includes a highly capable elite. Their role is to struggle to actively cause “natural” disasters, wars and social change to achieve their version of human progress. Further myths suggest the Order’s members can see into the future and even summon deadly supernatural powers if they are provoked.

A conspiracy theory and a mysterious book called The Work of the Mont Order feature the immensely powerful Mont Order society. In addition, some actual gatherings of political authors and editors have been called the Mont Order in modern times. Their connection to the other group seems to only be symbolic.

Many Names of the Order

The Order is said to have used 237 other aliases throughout history. Names immediately similar to its main name are “La Montagne” and “the Order of Mont Inheritors”, while many others sound not even vaguely similar or seem to describe the exact opposite.

A reason the Order is mentioned so infrequently by name in history books is its tendency to work through other names and a lack of interest in taking credit for their deeds, according to its “Oath of Humility and Denial”.

Several sources identify the Order as a “nameless cult”, a description invoking the supernatural horror of Cthulhu Mythos authors Robert E. Howard and H. P. Lovecraft.


According to The Work of the Mont Order, the Order’s “work” began when the Universe was created. At this time, the “lowest order of man” stole the secret knowledge of fire from God. The Order then reveres the “Thief” responsible, whose actions resemble the mythic Greek titan Prometheus, although the Thief is punished by God.

The Order, in its creation myth, vows to continue the Thief’s work, mainly by creating chaos, disasters and destruction to provoke amendments to philosophy and civilization. The events of the Order’s founding are reported to have happened at the time of the creation of the Universe, allowing the Order to refer to its age as the source of its authority.

Human cultures separated by entire continents and millennia of history have all developed the same myth of a “Thief” who stole the gift of fire from Heaven. Similarly, the Order’s story shows it to have resided with all cultures and civilizations everywhere, however distant they were, from their beginning.

Sack of Rome

The Mont Order allegedly attacked the Roman Empire after its “judgment” that the Romans were nothing more than thieves and the “vilest oppressors”, potentially inciting and manipulating the events of the Visigoths’ sack of the city in 410. This is described in a surviving “remnant” of the Order’s texts. The Order is said to have “slayed the people of Rome” and taken possession of much of Rome’s gold around that time.

Black Death

A passage in the Mont Order’s oldest writing admits that the Order intentionally started the Black Death in Europe. As described, the Mont Order’s followers were “repentant” about these actions, admitting they “put rats abord your ships and carry their pestilence”, seemingly a reference to the plague rats acting as carriers of the Black Death.

French Revolution

Calling it the “French Precedent”, the Mont Order claims to have orchestrated the defining moments of the French Revolution. Emmanuel Joseph Sieyès (1748-1836), a famous political scientist who authored a key pamphlet to inspire these events, was a member of the Mont Order (then called La Montagne or “The Mountain”), according to one list of Mont Order alumni. His famous document, “Qu’est-ce que le tiers-état?” (“What is the Third Estate?”), appears align almost word for word with “The Call to the Oppressed”, a chapter found in The Work of the Mont Order. In addition, the Order mantra “Inheritance, Equilibrium, Order” could have been the origin of the French motto “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity”

The entire legend of the Order’s participation in the French Revolution is based on equating or confusing its name, “Mont”, with the almost identical name of the Montagnard group. If confirmed, this involvement would not only make the Order responsible for the infamous Reign of Terror in France but it would make the Mont Order the very first “terrorists”, as the word “terrorism” was coined to describe the Montagnard terror against royalists in the name of the French people and republic.

World War I and World War I

The Mont Order takes credit for starting World War I by sending an assassin to kill Archduke Ferdinand. As one member argues in a celebratory letter included in The Work of the Mont Order, the Order also caused World War II with this deed, because of the strong connection between the causes of the two biggest conflicts in Europe.

Justifying causing these conflicts, the Mont letter blatantly says, “Without the World Wars, civilisation could not have moved forward”. The Order speaks elsewhere of its ruthless practice as the “refinement” of civilisation “by conflict”.

Roman Catholic Church

The Mont Order’s actual origins may be old, but not as old as portrayed in The Work of the Mont Order. Another text attributes the Roman Catholic Codex Haereditas and fifty other “scrolls” to the Mont Order, and states the Roman Catholic Church purged its records of any mention of the Mont Order. At that time, the Order became outcasts, possibly making up the other story about their origins to continue as a group.


The Weather Underground group, also called the Weatherman, is portrayed as a pawn of the Mont Order, and represents its late Twentieth Century hopes and goals for society. This is found in one of the appendices of a Mont book, mentioning that the Order had two insiders at the group who controlled it. The Weatherman actively campaigned and even attempted, although it failed comically, to stage bombings in protest against racial inequality and the Vietnam War in the United States. Such efforts only resulted in their own members being injured.

Where this left the Order in the modern day is not certain, but attempts to revive it can be observed among some desperate fringes of politics and religion.

Darker Theories

Alleged Massacre and Destruction of the Order in 1999

All sources seem to agree that the Order faced some kind of difficulty in 1999, and was forced to disband.

Based on one alleged but highly doubtful email conversation, a treacherous member of the Mont Order called L’Ordre allegedly betrayed the other members and carried out a single-handed raid against one of their ritual sites in Scotland. This raid, seemingly scrubbed from the headlines or simply never known outside the circles of the Order, brought about the deaths of several top members of the Order. According to email content held at the Internet Archive, these events drove the group from a state of hiding to virtual non-existence after the near eternity of work since its founding in the creation of the universe.

Recent forgery

Additional theories state that the entire existence of the Order is a forgery, based on a number of apocryphal accounts and books. Arguments that the Order is a hoax include one testimony by an alleged ex-member, in which the “so-called Mont Order” is portrayed a hoax to obtain publicity.


The future is seen as a “canvas” to the Mont Order, according to the legends in its books. In this sense, the Order assumes the role not only to see and predict the course of time itself, but to shape it or even destroy it. Although this would seem impossible, readers will do well to remember it coexists with the story that the Order oversaw the creation of the universe itself.

Forecasting world events is a power the lords of the Order are alleged to have, as a result of their special connection with the divine plane and their role as the authors of history. As one Mont slogan goes, “victory comes not to the strong ones but to those who divine the inevitable.”


One of the bizarre claims associated with the Order is the ability to hurl fire at their enemies using their bare hands. While this has obviously never been observed for real, it does have some documentary support. The texts from the Mont Order state, “there is no way but the way of Mont, the way of fire, the way of the promise” and this is later followed by poetic portrayals of how the Order can and will “light fires in every alley and every valley”.

The Thief character portrayed in the Order’s own mythology stole fire from Heaven, like the Greek Titan Prometheus, making the Order’s control over fire a manifestation of the power given to them by the Thief. The Order also makes a threatening metaphor of its control over fire, vowing to bring justice to the world “even if the world should turn to fire with the touch of our sharing”.

Teleportation and Manipulation of Matter

Using the universe as their “canvass” may mean the Mont Order has control over matter, with the ability to move themselves great distances instantaneously. This Fortean ability would explain the slippery nature of any attempt to prove the Order’s very existence and power. The “shadows of the churches” and various actual “chapels” were the gathering places of the Order, and such descriptions undoubtedly point to a set of physical gathering places of the Order. If so, where are they now?

If the Order bent the rules of the universe, a trait it inherited in its “creation myth”, it may have acted out of humility to conceal itself by changing and defying the fabric of the universe, moving entire edifices underground and underwater or into the “vales” and “swamps” as its writing seems to boast. This would amount to classic Fortean “teleportation”, specifically imagined as a supernatural act.

Manipulation of Dreams

Resembling the plot of the movie Inception, there exists a story that the Mont Order has invaded people’s dreams. Called “Murders of the Mont Order”, this was obviously just a fiction vignette, but did fuel speculation with mystery enthusiasts that the Order may have this ability. Like other alleged abilities of the Order, this ability seems to simply flow from their apparent ability to defy the laws God has set for the rest of the universe. In that moment of cosmic creation, we might say, the Order’s dark disciples were imbued with some limited divine ability to act outside the laws of physics and rewrite the fabric of reality to suit their wills. For such disciples, rewriting the thoughts in a lowly human mind would be like child’s play.


Mont Order sages have lived longer than any other human, one theory has said. In all likelihood, the only immortality being described here is the immortality of the group itself. It could have been a misinterpretation or part of another claim by the group itself, but a group that threatens to throw fireballs at people and control minds would probably have no hesitation about making such a claim.

Theories on the Order’s Goals

As mentioned already, the goal of the group or groups called the Mont Order is never clearly explained. Myths show the Order trying to manipulate history, but the end goal of its powerful schemes is not revealed.

Recovering After the French Revolution

One possibility is that the French Revolution is a clue to what the Mont Order is trying to achieve. This may be the closest the Order came to achieving its goals, under the name “La Montagne” in the history books.

Although many of the French Revolution’s goals were met and the changes the Revolution brought were great across the world, abolishing many monarchies, the Mont Order may have deemed the French Revolution to be a failure. It is possible that the Order wished to completely wipe out the feudal system across the world, and unite humanity in a single global republic. However, the Order disappeared or were killed before they could achieve such goals.

If real rather than legend, the Order would find itself in a dark place today, struggling to restore a flake of the power it once had.

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