Must Read Books For Every Book Lover

The DaVinci Code The DaVinci Code is one of the best mystery and detective novels which is still read by thousands of book followers. Scripted by Dan Brown in the year 2003, the book is based on a mysterious murder inside the Louvre Museum in Paris which is followed by symbologist Robert Langdon and cryptologist […]

Must Read Books For Every Book Lover

The DaVinci Code

The DaVinci Code is one of the best mystery and detective novels which is still read by thousands of book followers. Scripted by Dan Brown in the year 2003, the book is based on a mysterious murder inside the Louvre Museum in Paris which is followed by symbologist Robert Langdon and cryptologist Sophie Naveu. Both the duos get engaged in a conspiracy of Priority of Sion and Opus Dei where they found out the possibility of Jesus Christ having been married to his intimate follower, Mary Magdalene. The book also has been picturized into a movie directed by Ron Howard.

Defending Jacob

Defending Jacob was written by author William Landay in the year 2012. The book speaks the story of Andy Barber was worked as an Assistant District Attorney in Massachusetts for more than 20 years and suddenly faces a crime scenario where his fourteen year old son is charged in the murder of his classmate. Andy is bound to face the trial between his own loyalty and justice where he’s trapped between a nightmare past and an unacceptable future.


Divergent is based on the story of Tris Prior who seeks for her identity within a society which is divided into five factions. When each person enters adulthood, he or she must choose a faction to get committed to it for life and Tris chooses Dauntless, the one who pursues bravery above all. However, later Tris realizes that she is a Divergent and she’ll never able to fit into just one faction. With the aim of concealing her status, Tris gets into a threatening war that puts her loved ones into danger. Divergent is the debut novel of American novelist Veronica Roth.

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is a popular novel by George R.R. Martin, which won a series of awards, including the Locus Award, Nebula Award and the World Fantasy Award in the year 1997. The book is also transformed in to an HBO television series and is one of the bestselling novels till date. The book features the clash of the kings, colliding swords and the fiery dragons having a lot of conspiracies and interesting plots and with every sequence the novel gets more interesting to read.

Gone Girl

Gone Girl is a thriller written by American author Gillian Flynn. The book portrays the mystery of the main character, Nick Dunne, on whether he is involved in his wife’s disappearance or not. Nick and with his wife, Amy, were trapped in a difficult marriage where they struggled for several reasons. Both loses their jobs and relocates to Nick’s small hometown. On their fifth wedding anniversary, Ami goes missing… and the suspense begins here. Nick becomes the prime suspect of Amy’s disappearance because he borrowed her money to start his business and increased her life insurance. Amy’s disappearance leads to several questions that rise in the later chapters.

The Dark Tower Series

The Dark Tower is a series of novels by popular American writer Stephen King. The series include multiple themes including science, fantasy, horror, thriller and Western. The eight novels of the series are The Gunslinger, The Drawing of the Three, The Waste Lands, Wizard and Glass, Wolves of the Calla, Song of Susannah, The Dark Tower and The Wind through the Keyhole. The key characters of the series are Roland Deschain, Eddie Dean, Susannah Dean, Jake Chambers, Alain Johns, Oy, Jamie De Curry and Cuthbert Allgood.

Harry Potter

Everyone is familiar with Harry Potter, the half-blood wizard and one of the most popular wizards in the fictional world. Harry Potter, the novel, is written by British author J.K. Rowling, which has a number of series. The novel is based on the life of Harry Potter, a kid who got into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and his main mission was to overcome Lord Voldemort, the Dark Wizard, who wants to become immortal by conquering the wizarding world. Horry Potter’s first series was released in the year 1997 and since then, it has been receiving huge popularity, especially among children.

Hunger Games

Hunger Games is a series of three adventurous novels- The Hunger Games (2008), Catching Fire (2009) and Mockingjay (2010), which is authored by Suzanne Collins. The series depicts the deadly battle fought by the main characters, Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark, who face the consequences with every action. All the three novels are adapted by Hollywood. The first two series were both New York Times Bestsellers and Mockingjay topped among the all three novels. Hunger Games is one of the bestselling series till date and you will hardly find any book lover not reading it.

The Kite Runner

The Kite Runner is the story of Amir and Hassan, who are best friends and Hassan is the young Hazara servant of Amir’s father. The novel is authored by Afghan-American writer Khaled Hosseini and published in the year 2003. The story continues with number of serial events including the fall of Afghanistan’s monarchy, the migration of refugees to Pakistan and the United States and the rise of Taliban government. The Kite Runner has been New York Times Bestseller for more than two years with over seven million copies sold in the United States. Also a film and a few stage performances had been adapted from this novel.

Life of Pi

Life of Pi is an adventure story authored by Yann Martel in the year 2001. The novel depicts the life of Piscine Molitor Patel “Pi”, a boy who hailed from Pondicherry, India. At an early age Pi faces a severe shipwreck after which he survives for 227 days in a lone lifeboat in the Pacific Ocean, accompanied by a Royal Bengal Tiger named Richard Parker. The story speaks about how Pi survived with Richard Parker for so many days and how they departed. A movie was also adapted from this novel later on. Life of Pi has sold ten million copies worldwide.

The Thorn Birds

Authored by Australian author Colleen McCullogh, The Thorn Birds is a family saga of dreams, passions, struggles and forbidden love. In 1983, the novel was adapted a television miniseries that became too famous in the United States. The Thorn Birds tells the story of Meggie Cleary, who never possesses her dream man and Ralph de Bricassart, whose love for Meggie will follow him forever. The Thorn Birds has been one of the bestselling novels of all times. It is much appreciated by keen book lovers around the world.

The Pact

The Pact is a love story that turns into an unforeseen reality. Authored by Jodi Picoult, the novel is based on the love life of Chris and Emily who were soul mates since they were kids. Chris and Emily lived next to each other and shared everything beginning from Chinese food to chicken pox. They have been best friends until they reached high school where their friendship turned into something more than that. The climax comes when Emily is gunshot in her head when she was 17 and Chris tells police that the single bullet he intended to keep for himself.

The Husband’s Secret

The Husband’s Secret is a thought provoking novel that tells how much possible it is to know our spouse, dearest people and ourselves. The story depicts the secret letter of a husband who wanted his letter to be opened by his wife, Cecilia Fitzpatrick only after his death. The letter reveals his deepest and darkest secrets that would shatter the lives of his dear ones. Cecilia is a successful businesswoman, a devoted wife and mother, but that single letter was about to change her life forever. The Husband’s Secret was authored by Liane Moriarty in the 2013 and is one of the bestselling novels worldwide.

The Fault in Our Stars

The Fault in our Stars is a heart touching love story of a 16 year old cancer patient Hazel Grace Lancaster and a 17 year old boy Augustus Waters who’s suffering from osteosarcoma. Both Hazel and Augustus have a small life ahead and they have a similar interest called books where both exchange their favorite books to be read by the other. After reading the book, Augustus finds that the book does not have any conclusion. The story depicts both Hazel and Augustus has a short life faced by the gloomy face of death. The Fault in our Stars was written by author John Green and was published in the year 2012.


Outlander is also known as Cross Stitch in the United Kingdom, and was authored by Diana Gabaldon in the year 1991. The story focuses on the 20th century British Army nurse Claire Randall, whose time travels to 18th century while enjoying her second honeymoon in Scotland. There Claire finds romance with James Fraser and a lot of adventure. Outlander is blend of several genres like historical fiction, romance, adventure and science fiction. A television series was also adapted from the novel in 2014. Outlander is one of the bestselling novels till date.

Pillars of the Earth

Pillars of the Earth was published in the year 1989 and is a historical novel authored by Ken Follett. The novel is about the building of a cathedral in the fictional town Kingsbridge, England. The plot is set in the 12th century between the time of the sinking White Ship and the murder of Thomas Becket. Ken Follett is famous for writing thriller genre and Pillars of the Earth turned out his bestselling novel. The book was chosen in the United States for Oprah’s Book Club in the year 2007 and was also listed in BBC’s Big Read at number 33.

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